D E R R I C K | Next Generation Leadership Program

Could this possibly be the future President of Uganda?

One thing is for sure, Next Generation Leadership Program (NGLP) graduate Derrick Bazekuketta is going to change the world. On February 24th (coincidentally Derrick's 24th birthday), he officially emerged as the top Law student in his graduating class from Makerere University; receiving the Uganda Law Society Award (he also was honored with receiving the Chief Justice Award from Makerere Law Society in 2016).

From humble beginnings, Derrick's life was forever impacted by being sponsored through Gaba Child Development Program (CDP) under Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM). This opportunity of being sponsored not only at a young age but also through NGLP allowed more opportunities for him to advance in his education and career goals. Derrick has big dreams and aspirations, yet has an even larger drive to accomplish everything he puts his mind to. His passion to use his skills, abilities and knowledge to empower, serve and cultivate change in the lives of so many Ugandans is evident not only in how he speaks of his future, but how he lives.

I'm honored I was able to see and learn of his heart for the children of Uganda and how he is dedicated to make an impact just as the sponsorship and leadership programs within ARM greatly impacted his.

Location // Uganda, Africa
Organization // Africa Renewal Ministries
Videography & Editing // Melanie Kratzer of Melrae
Featured in Film // Derrick Bazekuketta - NGLP student
Production Support // Nadia Dia