D I A N | Portrait

Today (yesterday in Uganda time) is this sweet, stunning, and simply amazing woman's birthday! I wish I could celebrate it there with you Dian with a cake I would bake for you, laughter we would share, and me pouring a pitcher of water on you (jk, I don't think I could do that because I know you'd love nothing more than to repay such a tradition on my birthday). 

She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart.
— Anonymous

This woman inspires me, challenges me, loves people genuinely and loves God fiercely and I'm honored to call a sister and dear friend.  

Dian and I met this past summer in Uganda on the set of one of my film projects, becoming fast friends; quickly diving into conversation about life, love, our hopes and dreams.  I still remember and smile thinking about our long stroll alongside Gaba road after work one day, one of my most cherished memories from this summer.  Which by the end of this walk I remember how we both decided we wanted to be present at the other's wedding someday, whenever that would be...and this all on the first day meeting!  Over the past several months our friendship has continued to grow and I can't wait to see my sister again.  I can't wait to spend time encouraging each other not just through social media and texting, I can't wait to spend time in laughter, I can't wait for our plethora of adventures we are dreaming of going on and having together.  My sister I hope you had a wonderful birthday and can't wait to see the adventures and grand things God has in store for this next year in and through your life!

Nkwagala nyo!!!