M I S S I O N S | Africa Renewal Ministries Film

Missions can cultivate change and become helpful instead of hurtful to those involved when an organization and group of people know the needs where they are and know how to take the desire to help from people and make it go towards something that will actually make an impact and empower others.  

Africa Renewal Ministries has done and continues to do great things in the lives of so many, but they can't do it all on their own. It's time to raise awareness of what is happening around the world and how anyone, no matter who they are can make a difference through God's power and through the passions/skills He has given us.  I encourage you to connect with ARM to see how you can come serve, come love and see God's people be multiplied! 

Location // Kacungwa CDP, Uganda, Africa
Music // Multiplied, NeedToBreathe
Featuring // Francis Katende - ARM Communications Officer
                   Mugabe Dickens - Kacungwa CDP Project Director
                   Pastor Sylver Turinawe - Kacungwa Community Church
Featured Missionaries // Pastor Ken Harvey, Timothy Doty, Canby Christian Church
Videography & Editing // Melanie Kratzer of Melrae