R E H E M A H | Next Generation Leadership Program

Next Generation Leadership Program (NGLP) student Rehemah Nakibirige has such a contagious joy that overflows through her smile, her laugh, her eyes and her story. She is one driven and kind hearted woman who desires to take the opportunities given to her to reach for her goals and use her life to help mothers. It is evident how grateful she is to her sponsor, to all the sponsors in the world because she sees how their giving hearts have impacted her life in such tremendous ways as well as impacting the lives of so many others. Being sponsored through Africa Renewal Ministries along with NGLP has really pushed Rehemah to achieve great and wonderful things so far. We look forward to seeing Rehemah accomplish and do great things with her skills and heart; helping and serving mothers as they bring precious little ones into this world! Thank you Rehemah for your heart!

Location // Uganda, Africa
Organization // Africa Renewal Ministries
Videography & Editing // Melanie Kratzer of Melrae
Featured in Film // Rehemah Nakibirige - NGLP student
Production Support // Nadia Dia